Saturday, October 23, 2010

Question from Emma Leigh - Henry VIII refered to as "King Harry"


I do have a feeling that these questions have already been answered, however the link that answers my question isn't available anymore.

I am looking for a picture of Amelia Cleves, and also the older Cleves sister Sybilla.

Also just been reading some Alison Weir books, and Henry is refered to as King Harry, never read this before or maybe I have and just havent noticed. But am just curious to why this is..
Thank you
Sorry if the questions have been answered/asked before.

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Robin said...

Harry is a nickname for Henry - I know in fiction, I've seen certain characters address Henry VIII by this nickname but I don't if that's historically accurate or not. If you're reading Weir's non-fiction, it's probably true though.

Scarlet said...

While the current Prince Harry is never & has never been referred to in the press by his "real" name, Henry, I've seen more references to "Bluff King Hal" re: Henry VIII than I have to him being called "Harry" in historians' accounts. I've always thought "Hal" was the Tudor period nickname for Henry. I've looked at some pgs online that are used as SCA references for "period" names (citing actual historical records) & haven't seen "Harry" or even "Harold" show up in the Tudor-era records.

Why would it be true if it were Weir? Her fiction is a wallbanger (I threw Innocent Traitor at it in disgust after slogging thru it).

Robin said...

Scarlet, I said if reading Weir's NON-fiction, it's probably true. As far as I know, her biographies are very accurate. No fiction should ever be taken as fact without verification, even someone known for accuracy like Plaidy.

Susan Higginbotham said...

One does see "Harry" being used for "Henry." Here's an example from the Letters and papers, foreign and domestic, of the reign of Henry VIII, volume 1:

" The reckoning of certain artillery made at Makelyn for the King our Sovereign Lord from the 26 day of December, in the second year of King Harry the VIII. until the last day of June in the 4th year of our said sovereign Lord."

Henry had a ship known as The Great Harry.

Anonymous said...

From his name Harry from Harold and the name herald. Ruler, the great leader of an army that is why. He was always called the king. Because it is there blood rule and his sweet and caring to everyone like his brother and His father.