Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Question from Liz - Forms of address for a queen consort

Forms of address for a queen consort. I have a few questions about this. I'm writing a novel set in the period and want to use the correct terminology where possible. Was 'Majesty' reserved for the king or Queen regnant alone? Did they use 'Ma'am' or is it a more recent development? Was 'Highness' used for a queen consort? How would a servant address for example Jane Seymour when she was queen and how might her brother have addressed her in public?


Robin said...

I can't say what she would have been called but I can say I'm pretty sure she would not have been called "Highness". According to "Mistress of the Vatican" by Eleanor Herman, "Highness" was not used until 1630 and even then, it was apparently for princes and princesses (prior to this, they were called "Excellency"). Equally, if there are any cardinals involved in your novel, the title "Your Eminence" was not used for them until 1630 - prior to that, they were called "Most Reverend".

Marilyn R said...

If you Google 'Debrett's forms of address' you will get the present correct forms - perhaps they can help you with earlier times, or can suggest someone who can, such as the Historic Royal Palaces website, or even the Royal Collection site. Good luck with the novel.