Thursday, September 09, 2010

Question from Lewis - Electronic resources

Lara, there are now many more electronic resources being added to the Internet all the time, especially with GoogleBooks, and also there's EEBO etc. A couple of my recent questions have highlighted ones which are not yet in your electronic resources section. I was wondering if you thought it worth adding the resources suggested in answers to my questions, and perhaps putting a shout-out for people to suggest any other Tudor electronic resources they know of? Just a suggestion. Can I also say that I love your website, it has been a lifesaver.



[Just a reminder, if people want to contact me directly you can just send me an email, you don't have to send it through the Q&A submission form. I'll address the rest of this in the comments. - Lara]


Lara said...

Hello Lewis,

If by the "electronic resources" section, are you referring to the primary and secondary source texts pages I have on the site? If so, those are pages where I just plan to have actual text copies of primary source documents that I have typed from books, etc. I have a few more in the works, but I just haven't gotten around to finishing them.

I have been wanting to go through and put together a list with links directly to the individual books of primary on Google books, the Internet Archive, etc. but I haven't had the time. Plus I think just searching around and letting serendipity turn up some interesting things can be a lot of fun.

I do have a few pages of links where I have collected the main sites to find a lot of the chronicles, etc. Those are mostly listed on these two pages:
(the second is primarily art museums, but there are some archives mixed in there too).

And finally, Claire at The Elizabeth Files has put together a good page of links here:
(I posted this on the my news blog a week or so ago).

I think there have been a few previous threads on the news blog where people have chipped in some links, but of course Wordpress is deciding to be a pain and the blog won't come up right now… When it decides to behave, I'll post another comment.

Lara said...

Here are some links to previous threads with some titles to look for at Google books, etc.

Lewis said...

Texts I'd love to see added to the electronic resources section:

Rutland Papers
Strickland's lives of all Tudor queens
Spanish Chronicle
CSP Spanish
Foxe's Book of Martyrs
Henry VIII, Shakespeare play
Jane Dormer

I think all of these are online somewhere, but it's difficult to find them, especially to find them in modern English.


Lewis said...

I'd add to that:
'Treatise of Three Conversions' by Robert Parsons
Links to books written by courtiers (probably on EEBO), especially those by Henry VIII and Catherine Parr
Wriothesley's Chronicle

Monica said...

Foxe's Book of Martyrs -

Lewis said...

Strype, Ecclesiastical Memorials