Monday, May 17, 2010

Question from Queenie - Moving Anne Boleyn to Westminster in Elizabeth's regin

I always wondered why didn't Elisabeth move her mother's grave to W.Abbey? Just like it was done for the Queen of scotts by her son? After all she was once the Queen of England and mother of a great monarch! I just find it terribly sad that she continues buried in St. Peters almost nameless. Considering the power she had once and noise she made? Why didn't her daughter do anything to get her buried there?

[I thought this question had been asked before, but for the life of me I couldn't find it. It might have been touched on in previous threads about Anne's burial, but I don't think it was asked outright. - Lara]


kb said...

When Elizabeth came to the throne, her claim was shaky. She was in no position to remind the country that her mother was beheaded for adultery. Moving Anne's remains would have called attention on Elizabeth's legitimacy.

Later in the reign, Mary Queen of Scots remained a potential challenger with powerful possible backers.

Anything that reminded anyone that Elizabeth might not be the daughter of Henry VIII would have been politically dangerous. Although, Anne figured prominently in Elizabeth's coronation procession through London so she wasn't completely persona non grata.

Luv said...

One of the reason why Elizabeth might not have move her mother to an better burial place could be to her own status. Elizabeth was consider a bastard by half of Europe,and to the outside world. Henry VIII had declared her illegitimate and the marriage to her mother unlawful. By moving her mother's body would bring attention upon her own status,and right to the crown. Elizabeth might have thought it's was best to leave well enough alone. Another reason could have been, that she might have thought her mother to be guilty. We have know why of knowing what Elizabeth really thought of Anne. Although we know she did honor "BOTH" of her parents in her coronation. Elizabeth was only 2 and an half years old,when her mother was sent to the scaffold. So she never really got to know her mother to really make an sound conclusion on her guilt or innocence. All she would have known about her mother was that the state found her guilty,and her father was supreme head of the state, therefore the king himself found her to be guilty. So she really couldn't move her mother's body without saying something about the father she adored. So it was in her best interest to leave things as they were.

Unknown said...

Record keeping was also very shoddy at times concerning criminals. It's possible that no one knew until the renovation where Queen Victoria (I believe it was) had her grave changed up to reflect being a former Queen.

Elizabeth had a lot of doubters considering her unmarried status and the whole religious uproar going on. It's possible she simply didn't have time to think on it..if she remembered at all.

Anonymous said...

I have often wondered why Jane Greys remains were never moved by her family to Westminster Abbey especially after Frances dies could they not have been placed together, and Mary Grey is said to be in same tomb. Also would be nice if plaque was errected at France's tomb to commenorate all the sisters