Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Question from Alia - Thoughts on Anne Boleyn's execution anniversary

As some of you probably know, today is the anniversary of Anne Boleyn Queen of England and Marquess of Pembroke's execution day. Join me in honoring her with any GOOD opinion, cool info, anything you want to say really. Queen Anne Boleyn, RIP.


Taryn said...

I'm a big fan of Anne Boleyn. I think one of the biggest things that she should be remembered for is the way that she shook history. No matter whether she was a loose woman or she was a saint, it was for love of her that Henry 8 broke with Rome and changed the face of Christendom entirely. If there had been no Anne Boleyn-- if she had married Henry Percy-- then there would have been no Church of England, and no Queen Elizabeth 1.

And for a woman in that time to use her brains the way that she did and keep the affection of a man that was then renowned for having a roving eye and is now regarded as ridiculously womanizing for as long as she did, to the point that he would change the entire world and kill friends for her... that's powerful.

Anne Boleyn should, in my opinion, be held in regard with Helen of Troy.

Stephanie said...

I agree with Taryn. It seems like there is not enough concrete info. on her. I wish there was some tour/exhibition on her either in England or over here in the US. She has a huge following, and speaking as one of the devoted, I wish historians would actively continue researching and learning more about this amazing woman.

Gareth Russell said...

I've been running a day-by-day anniversary section on Anne Boleyn on my blog "Confessions of a Ci-Devant," so I thought I'd join in here. It ends with this: and begins with big, BIG thank you to this website for sparking my ability to discuss the period on-line. It's an incredible place and resource!) I think what Anne had was a genuinely fascinating character, with great gifts, virtues and talents and some serious flaws.

Elizabeth M. said...

I think Anne Boleyn was one of the most extraordinary characters in history, male or female. Whn you think of it, she must have been something, for King Henry to not only fight such a prolonged fight for his freedom from Catherine of Aragon, but to take on and then break with the catholic church, in order to make her his wife and queen. She was intelligent, witty, compassionate, but also ruthless when the need arose. She was also extremely brave--she had more courage than a lot of men. She was one neat lady.