Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not everything went as planned (big surprise)

Emma already mentioned this in a comment to the previous test post, but I discovered that not all of the recent comments have made it over to the new address. I'm looking through the Blogger help to see if anyone else has reported this. I have a back-up of everything though, so I can manually restore them if necessary.

Update: Blogger's migration FAQ says that it might take a while for comments to migrate through the upgrade, so I'll check back later tonight to see if that's the case. Right now everything after April 21, 2008 seems to be missing.

Update to the update: I've found posts after April 2008 now showing up with comments, so perhaps everything is working its way over. I'll give it a little more time before I totally freak out. :)

Yet another update: Looks like the comments are showing up correctly now and the ability to comment on old posts seems to be working okay (it wasn't working at one point yesterday). I noticed that the new search box isn't returning results for the new address yet (queryblog.tudorhistory.org) so it probably hasn't been indexed yet. The whole site search box will still give you results from the old address (tudorhistory.org/queryblog) so just use that for now.

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