Monday, February 08, 2010

Question from Elizabeth M - Full-length bios of Mary Tudor (sister of Henry VIII)

Has there ever been, or are there any plans in the works, to publish a full-length biography of Mary Tudor, King Henry VIII's sister? She led an amazing life, and it seems there is enough material for her to have a bio just on her. I have the two books, The Rose and the Thorn, and the book by Maria Perry, in which she and her sister Margaret are written about in the same volume. But she is surely deserving of her own volume.


Kathy said...

I tried to talk Allison Weir into writing one last year. She said she would like to but she is at the mercy of her publisher who only seems to be interested in Anne Boleyn at the moment. The last non-fiction book I know of devoted only to Mary and not her sister was Walter Richardson's The White Queen, published in 1970. It's long out of print, but you can pick up second-hand ones at amazon. Of course, there are numerous novels about Mary and Charles Brandon. They are irrestible to romance novelists. I think I've read all of them, but none really stand out as being particularly great.

It's very frustrating that there isn't anything more current out about Mary as there is new material.

Merlin said...

Another (out of print) biography is Hester W Chapman's 'The sisters of Henry VIII'. Worth looking out for as it's a well researched and interesting read in my opinion.

SkintMum said...

That's ever such a shame you didn't manage to convince Allison Weir, Kathy. I for one would love to see her do a biography of Mary Tudor.