Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Question from Katlyn - Henry VIII and Cromwell's letter from the Tower

This may be common knowledge, but I just want to make sure: Henry VIII read Cromwell's letter from the Tower (the famous "mercy, mercy, mercy" one), yes? I was under the impression that this was established but I just realized that I don't know where I got that idea, and I could not find an answer online. Thanks!


Diane said...

In Robert Hutchinson's book, "Thomas Cromwell" he writes, "Henry's reaction to this passionate plea is unrecorded." The author explains that at the time Henry was still furious at Cromwell because he thought Cromwell was gossiping about his marital relationship with Anne of Cleves and that Cromwell had advised Anne to be more sensual and pleasing to her husband so that he would forget about Catherine Howard.

Anonymous said...

From what I have read and discussed with other Tudor reader's Henry VIII's reaction to Cromwell giving Anne of Cleves marital (or sexual)advise only made Henry VIII more disgusted with Cromwell. From what I can gather Henry VIII would not have been interested in a marital bed with Anne of Cleves no matter what trick Cromwell thought would help. From what I have read he was much more offended that Cromwell would suggest she perform unholy acts in Henry's bed to please him. Or what was considered unholy back then. A desperate act by a desprate man, Cromwell, and it did not bode him well!