Thursday, December 31, 2009

Question from Hayley - Meaning of Anne Boleyn's motto


Im very interested in Anne Boleyns history and have read many books on her. One thing i cant seem to find is one definate definition to what she meant by her motto "The Most Happy". Could be please explain what Anne's motto meant and why she used it?

Thank You


Anonymous said...

I have no supporting facts, however, I have always suspected it to be a bit of a Anne Boleyn PR instrument. It is interesting to compare her motto to that of her daughter's during her rein.

tudor fanatic said...

I suppose she used the motto "The Most Happy" in order to try and gain favour with the people and show them that she was happy to marry the King and that she did appreciate the efforts that he had made for her. She was probably genuinely quite happy and relieved to be finally getting married to Henry after all those years of waiting!

Anonymous said...

Do I remember correctly that "The Most Happy" was Boleyn family motto?

Bladerunner said...

'Let them grumble; that is how it is going to be' lasted a few weeks in 1530.

Tudorrose said...

The emblems and the mottos were chosen by the famillies of the soon to be queen or perhaps by the soon to be queen herself. If they were marrying into monarchy that is.Only if you were a real and true royal descendant then the monarch would choose his/her own motto plus emblem.
I think Anne chose theese words for herself when she had word and knew that she was going to be soon married to the king of the England and become queen.The meaning of her motto just means that she was happy or very happy at that prescise moment in time.Plus the reformation was taking place at the time which would have been a contributer to her happiness as she and her familly were on the path to reform.
Like Bladerunner said she did have another motto but this was before she married the king."This is how it is going to be,let them grumble" She had this motto emblazened on her servants doublets but then after a short while hastenly had it removed.She is also supposed to have had the words that her daughter chose as queen for her canopy of state.Her motto is as follows."Semper eadem" which in english means Always the same.

Evelyn said...

I tjink she was very happy with her success in marrying the king. She had to wait quite a while! I think she also changed it from the, let them grumble'' one to gain the people's favor. Telling people they have no say in what happens insn't exactly the way to get them to like you! :)