Monday, September 07, 2009

Question from Laurence - Alison Sim

I have to complete a fact-file on the historian Alison Sim for homework but cannot find anything on her. I am an upper sixth student studying A2's.
The reason for the homework is practice for an interpretation piece of coursework where we are supposed to look at historian's interpretions of certain aspects of Elizabeth I.
Do you know where I may find any of this information on Alison Sim? I hope you can help me but no worries if you can't or the question is not quite what you're used to!

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kb said...

Hi -

Have you tried just google-ing her? One of her books 'The Tudor Housewife' is available on the Google Books site. Two of her books are on I didn't check She seems to have also written some magazine articles about the relationships between masters and servants and several other social history topics.

Try searching for Alison Sim Tudor. I got tons of results.