Saturday, March 14, 2009

Question from Teri - Mary Boleyn's death

What was Mary Boleyn's cause of death?


kb said...

I only know that her death is recorded as taking place 30 July 1543 at Rochford Hall, Essex. She would have been 44 years old. (I am of the opinion she was older than Anne.)

Her last husband, William Stafford, married his cousin Dorothy Stafford in 1545 and he lived till 1556. William and Dorothy lived in Geneva during Mary I's reign as they were of the reformed faith. John Calvin was their son John's godfather.

Dorothy Stafford was a great favorite of Elizabeth I's serving at her court throughout the reign.

Mary Boleyn's obscurity as much as her relationship with Henry VIII and her sister Anne is part of her appeal.

Gareth Russell said...

There is no recorded cause of Mary's death, apart from the date, which kb has already said. It was presumably of natural causes and may have been quite sudden, which was often the case when a date of death was specifically recorded.