Monday, February 02, 2009

Question from Erin - Book recommendations w/ family trees

All the women of the Tudor time period (Mary of Scots, Mary Tudor, Mary this, Mary that) do you think you could write out a list of books where there are excellent family trees? Or maybe even websites….anything I can get my hands on to understand more about the people of the time period will significantly help.

[Ed note - apologies to Erin for cobbling together a post from various emails... I'm lazy tonight!]


Bearded Lady said...

I thought there were family trees on this site? If not, I did one a while back using portraits (I am a visual person....I need pictures!)

It's not complete but it will help you keep those pesky Marys straight.

Lara said...

I do have some on the site, the most detailed being the descent of Mary Rose and Margaret Tudor (two separate charts)

Eventually I'd like to get some done for the Seymours, Boleyns, Howards, Dudleys, etc. but they are just on the "to do" list for now. Although given that we don't even have firm birth dates or even birth orders in some of those families, they will be a challenge!

There are some nice charts for the big families of the period in "Rivals in Power" ed. by David Starkey (pub. 1990 - I picked up my copy in a used book store for a pretty good price).

Anonymous said...

One good online resource for genealogy, though it is not a tree (called a "stemma" by genealogists), is

It is not 100% accurate, but given the massive size and complexity of the site, I cannot fault its webmaster.

And if you know how to use your "Find" function, it is much easier to scan the lengthy pages. I use the site often.