Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Question from Elizabeth M. - Mary Boleyn's burial

I remember reading somewhere--can't remember exactly where--that although there is a death date for Mary Boleyn documented, there is no record of where she was interred? Does anyone know where she might be buried?

[Ed. note - This was already asked in the thread below but since it has been nearly three years I thought I would post it again in case anyone has new information.]



Anonymous said...

Mary Boleyn born 1509 and died in1536.Mary died in Rochford Hall in essex on the 30th of july so I'm thinking she is buried in a church or chapel nearby in Essex. That is one theory or my second theory was that she might be buried on the grounds of Hever castle the Boleyn familly home or a church or chaple near there.This is the only information that I could find on Mary Boleyn's burial.

Katlyn R. said...

Mary Boleyn was born probably around 1499 - 1501, not in 1509. She was the oldest of the three children.
She died on July 19, 1543. I am not sure where she is buried - I just wanted to clear up the error on her dates of birth and death.