Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Question from Andrew - Jobs of the rich and poor

Hello, my 9 year old son has a homework assigment to portray the differences between rich & poor employment during the Tudor period. We live in a very small country with no research libraries. We have not had any luck finding information on jobs via the web. Any suggestions? thanks!

[Ed. note - there was a little about the 'rich' jobs in the thread below]


kb said...

Hi Andrew,

How nice of you to help your son with his project.

May I suggest you look at "Life in Elizabethan England: A compendium of common knowledge" It's a downloadable (or you can view it on the site) handbook intended for actors but I am sure you will find it VERY helpful. There are sections on different jobs, money, etc. It's written in very straightforward English that should be easy for your son to understand - with help from you.

The link is:

On this page you will see the table of contents on the right. You can just click on the different phrases and jump to the relevant section. The link for downloading the whole 3.8MB file is on the upper right.

Hope this helps.
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Lara said...


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Bearded Lady said...

If you go to www.youtube.com and search "Worst Jobs in Tudor History" you can watch the tv series online. Toni Robinson is HILARIOUS and you should be able to find tons of info about common laborers.