Thursday, December 04, 2008

Question from Sam - Tudor military

How far would you agree that there was a Tudor military revolution? Was it an evolution or a revolution?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand the question. Could you elaborate on it?

kb said...

I suspect this is an essay question. There is an historiographical debate on whether there was a military revolution in early modern Europe. There is a series of articles by Parker, Black and Parrot as well as others on whether the advances in military technologies and techniques influenced the development of centralized government.

The debate also asks if there was a revolution or the changes were part of a normal evolutionary process. The discussion usually concerns the 17th century although occasionally dips back to the 16th.

At least I suspect this is what Sam is asking about. For the Tudors, the debate frequently looks at naval developments.

Sam - Have I completely misunderstood the direction of your query? Or is this what you are asking about?

Anonymous said...

Oh, are we being asked to do somebody's homework assignment? Sorry, I've done enough of that in college and graduate school. I'll pass on that.

But, I will say this: Sam, here's what you do. Divide it into army and navy. Research what improvements happened during Tudor times. Then decide on the basis of how important these advancements were whether they were revolutionary or evolutionary.

Personally, I would think only a quantum leap forward qualifies as revolutionary: guns over long bow, rockets over guns, nuclear over non-nuclear, etc. Obviously this question is going to be one primarily of personal opinion. That is probably what your teacher is looking for. So, suck it up, do the research, make up your own mind about the answer, detail it and defend it! You can do it!

Lara said...

Yes, I suspect this was a request for homework help. I thought I still had the "we won't do your homework for you" disclaimer on the submission instructions page, but it looks like I don't on this version (it was on the old one for the Query page before it was a blog). Time to update it!