Monday, December 29, 2008

Question from Marilyn R - Alison Weir lectures and Gainsborough Old Hall

I live a few miles from Gainsborough Old Hall, Lincolnshire, a beautiful late medieval building that played host to Richard III and Henry VIII, amongst others, and which will be hosting a number of Henry VIII events this coming year, including Alison Weir on the subject of 'The Wives of Henry VIII'. I was planning to be away for a few days about that time but was wondering whether anyone has heard Ms. Weir speak, and if so, is it an event not to be missed?

For any likely visitors to this part of the world in the next few months, the events at The Old Hall are as follows:

13th January 'When Henry VIII Visited Gainsborough' by Paul Howitt-Cowan. (Henry stayed here with Kathryn Howard, who, to her cost, was rather too friendly with Culpeper during the stay.)

May 23rd 'The Wives of Henry VIII' by Alison Weir

July 10th 'Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk', by Dr. Steven Gunn of Merton College, Oxford

Date to be announced - 'The Lost Palaces of Henry VIII' Dr. Jonathan Foyle. - visitors are always made very welcome.

[Ed note - thanks for the info Marilyn, I'll add it to my list of 500th anniversary events!]


Anonymous said...

Lara, the link to the gainsborougholdhall doesn't work -- it takes you to a non-existent page on

Lara said...

It's fixed now... forgot the http part in the link! Kind of necessary bit...