Thursday, September 04, 2008

Question from Elizabeth M. - Christ Church Greyfriars at Newgate

I am curious about Christ Church Greyfriars at Newgate. I read that Edward I's second wife, Marguerite was buried there, as well as Isabella, wife of Edward II and the heart of Eleanor of Provence, wife of Henry III. With the plundering of the tombs during the time fo Cromwell, the Great Fire of 1666, and the bombing of World War II, was there anything left to identify the burial sites of these women?


Anonymous said...

During The Reformation, Grey Friars was dissolved. It was extremely damaged and defaced.

In 1566, during the reign of Elizabeth I, what was left was made the local church. The Lord Mayor of London sold off Isabella's, and nine others tombs and gravestones, and nothing is known as to where they went.

Isabella burial place now holds a small park, a building owned by the Post Office and a busy road.


Elizabeth M. said...

Shame to think her remains may be under the road.