Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Question from Christen - Anne Boleyn's surviving possessions

Are any of Anne Boleyn's possessions still around today, and if so, is there a site online that I can go to to view them? I'm assuming her famous "B" necklace is lost, does anyone know what happened to it?


(The question of the fate of the "B" necklace has already been discussed here although I'd be happy to hear any additional information anyone has!)


Anonymous said...

Leeds Castle near Maidstone in Kent has a small box that is supposed to have once belonged to Queen Anne Boleyn. Its provenance is impossible to trace. It belonged to the Wykeham Martin Family, who owned the castle throughout the 19th century, and now has a Victorian lining and label claiming that it once belonged to Anne. However, the casket is French and dates from about 1500. It is covered with brown velvet and has iron bindings and its original lock and key are still intact. It is either a missal box or a small jewellery casket.

The box is on display in the castle.

Elizabeth M. said...

There are other possessions of Anne still surviving. A gold clock given to her by Henry in about 1532 is on display at St. James Palace; her Book of Hours is on display at her childhood home of Hever Castle, as is a bed headboard. Hever Castle also has a lute--a stringed instrument much like an old guitar, reputed to have belonged to Anne, on display. The Victoria and Albert Museum had, and maybe still does, a virginal, a medieval keyboard instrument, reputed to have belonged to her. And of course, many of Henry VIII's love letters to her were stolen and wound up at the Vatican in Rome, where they are still are today.

Anonymous said...

I would honestly love to see all this stuff do u kno if there is anything else at hever castle of anne, mary, or george?

Anonymous said...

The famous B necklace worn by Queen Anne Boleyn was given to her daughter Queen Elizabeth the First. A few of the pearls from the pendant are currently at the center of the crown of Queen Elizabeth the Second, which is worn only once a year for the opening of parliament ceremony.

Anonymous said...

this is an historical guide to antique furniture...if you type
´Boleyn´ in the ctrl f box, you see ´chair of Anna Boleyn´ in blue , click and you see a drawing of the chair reputed to belong to her