Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Question from M.G. - Katherine Parr's writings

Please pardon if this has already been asked, but where (online or otherwise) can I find a copy of Katherine Parr's "The Lamentations of a Sinner" or "Prayers and Meditations"? Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Both are available in most university libraries. Facsimiles of the originals were re-published in 1996 by Scolar Press in "Katherine Parr," Volume Three of their series "The Early Modern Englishwoman, Part One: Printed Writings, 1500-1640," edited by Janel Mueller and Betty Travitsky. You might also try a university or large public library to see if they have a subscription to the online database Early English Books Online (EEBO). Though EEBO is not available to the general public, most larger university libraries subscribe to it now, and you can view both works via EEBO. I am not aware of any other sources for the full-length versions of either volume.

Anonymous said...

yes - there is a book in archive.org which you can download for free. It contains her writings as well as others - please see