Friday, December 07, 2007

Question from Jane - Henry VIII's influence on politics

Hi everyone:)

I'm sitting here in Denmark, writing my final high school assignment in history and english class, about the time in england around Henry VIII.
I need to write about the politics in Brittain in the 1530'ies and how Henry had an influence in it, but I simply can't find anything. I need something that includes original texts, and I found that there were lot to find around the 1590'ies, but nearly nothing about the 1530'ies. I'm looking for reliable websites about the subject, and I would be very thankfull if anyone has a great link, which can enlighten me to the 1530'ies politics in England. I have allready dealt with subjects such as the reformation and the enclsure of sheeps.

I wish you all a nice warm christmas:)

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