Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Question from Matt - Looking for information on Martin Schwartz


After information on the personal life of Martin Schwartz the German Mercenary Captain at the battle of stoke. I know the military history, but was wandering if anyone knew anything about the way he looked, and his personal life, i.e was he ever married or were there any historical logs of any partners, land ownage and wealth please

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Anonymous said...

The encyclopedic Oxford Dictionary of National Biography contains an entry on Schwartz, so you might check it. The online version is "subscription only", but can often be accessed through a local college or university library computer. Those libraries will also usually have the multi-volume printed version of the dictionary, usually in the Reference section. I notice that the ODNB entry on Schwartz does not answer many of the very specific questions that you ask, and most of the sources used to create the article are in French or German. Thus you may have difficulty finding answers to your questions, if those answers are even available. Good luck!