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Question from Marcy - Henry VIII son by Mary Berkeley (Perrot)?

Did Henry VIII father a child by Mary Berkeley, who took her husband's name Perrot? I understand he later became Sir John Perrot. Thanks


PhD Historian said...

The actual legend is that Mary Berkeley Perrot (d. 1586), wife of Thomas Perrot (d. 1531) had an affair with Henry VIII in about 1527 and subsequently gave birth to her third son, John Perrot, later Sir John and (after 1571) Lord Deputy of Ireland. That legend, hwoever, has been shown to be untrue.
Sir John Perrot's own wives were Ann Cheyney (d. 1553), Jane Prust (d. 1593). He had a large number of children, both legitimate by his two wives and illegitimate by a succession of mistresses, but all were born after Henry VIII's death in January 1547. Neither of his wives, Ann nor Jane, were mistresses of Henry VIII.

Anonymous said...

WHICH "legend... has been shown to be untrue"? That Mary B ever had an affair with H8? If this, how has this been shown? I believe John Perrot and his sister Anne Elizabeth Perrot were born to Mary about 1524/1525. But Mary and Thomas Perrot were not married until 1527, so it stands to reason that these two children (her 2nd and 3rd children), although (politely) carrying Perrot's surname, may not have biologically belonged to Perrot, and could have been H8's offspring. I've read here that Sir John Perrot was favored by other of the King's offspring, And himself believed he was the King's bastard son. (Mary's first child, John Stukley may have also taken the Perrot name.)

Also, why do you bother to say that neither of Sir John's (Mary's son) wives were mistresses of H8? Were they ever rumored to be such? They were a generation younger, and I have never heard such a rumor.


Anonymous said...

PhD Historian does not present a convincing case, or indeed any case at all.

Anonymous said...

I have three DNA distant cousins ( and more to come, almost) in a direct line to Queen Consort Elisabeth Woodville , married with King Edward of York. One cousin is through Henry VIII and Mary Berkeley, the line goes down to Sir John Perrot.
The DNA cousins are related through my mother, who's mothers name was Aquina. They are also related through each other.
The other cousin goes through James Stewart line and the thirth cousin through Grey/Gray line.( Sir John Grey)

Since I also have more Stewart/Stuart DNA cousins, Grey/Gray DNA cousins and Kennedy, I hope I can find more of them who fit in this line.

Cathy D. Cessna RDH MPA CFRE ACFRE said...

I find myself in the same situation, where DNA matches to Thomas Perrot are confirmed through my Gray/Grey lineage; as well as the Collins/Stewart lines. What proof do we have? Are their DNA samples available for comparison?

Donna Baize said...

I also am descendent of Mary Berkeley and her son John Perot, and I do think Heny VIII was the biological father. However, I am also related to Henry Tudor VII and to Elizabeth, day. Of King Edward IV and Elizabeth woodville. Is there a DNA test to show any connection between Henry VIII and John Perot as his son.

PackerFan said...

I do not know about the dna to prove that Henry VII was John Perot's father. I would like to know, if anyone has that information they can share. I know that Richard III, whose body was found in a parking lot about 4 years ago, has been proven that his father, the king was not his biological father. I am also related to Edward IV and Elizabeth, In fact, I am related to every royal crown of Europe. Thank you for your comment. Let me know if you find out any information for us to verify.

Dale C. Rice said...

John Parrot Jr. born 1590 to Sibil Johns Perrot and mother of Sir James Perrot and William Perrot the organist had a son called John Perrot Jr. born about 1590 so delivered before Sir John's Attainder and clapped into the Tower for speaking ill of his 1/2 sister the Queen Elizabeth I.

As stated before on another thread the entire court and all the main family members treated Sir John as the King's Bastard son. King Edward knighted him paid his debts, Queen Mary gave him lands and castles seeking his support, and Elizabeth I relied upon him with the Spanish Invasion as an Admiral of the Fleet and sent him to quell the IRISH rebellion which he did by hanging over 500 men there. He rebuilt parts of Carew Castle with funds derived from land grants and tenaments given to him by the various crowns.

His son John Perrot Jr married a woman known as PRUNELLA Perrot and in 1623 made his way to Virginia under the auspices of one Daniel Gookins. His wife was brought over 1630 and the boys Robert and Richard Perrot stayed in England to complete their educations. Both Robert and Richard Perrot have left DNA records behind in the descendants...Robert Perrot is a 7th cousin and links up to my family in America the Rices as Quakers. That is essential to understand because His other Brother known as John PERRATT II after the River Perrat has a son named Perrot ap Rice 1598 born to Margaret Lovelace-Mercer. That boy grew up to be the JOHN PERROT THE QUAKER and Pope Coverter according the testimony of Samuel G. Rice 1978 3 mos. before he died. Perrot ap Rice left Wales oweing 670 lbs sterling and fled to America where he started over in life as a trader of goods with Native people on the James River with his father John Perratt 1565 the alleged son of Sir RObert Dudley. The DNA story shows that Robert Son of John Perrot Jr and Prunella is a 12/12 match to my own DNA his 7th cousin, but begins to change as one would expect a cousin line would after marker 23 on the 25 marker test.

This can only mean that the two lines were joined as cousins back around 880 AD with Le Teuton Sutton and Baldwin II Strong Arm Duke of Flanders. So DNA tells us the two lines are Cousins back to 1400 when Owen Tudor was born to HENRY IV and had the Tudor brother's cornered at Conway Castle Easter of that year. As you know: Owen Tudor was the squire to Henry V and major domo to the Queen Catherine of France. That line of Tudor Descent is the Norman cousin line of Peratt II alleged son of Sir Robert Dudley and an Unknown woman, But raised by Sir John Perrot with his two other illegitimate sons by foster sister SYBIL JOHNS PERROT. See his oxinesis at Grey's inn 1580 along with named brothers William and Sir James of Havorford West. D. Charles Rice 9th ggson of Sir Robert Dudley via Perrot ap Rice 1598 and Proved 6th great grandfather John RIce of East ANGLIA and Dedham Ma. raised by reverend JOHN ALLIN Puritan minister.

Donna Baize said...

I an also related to every royal crown of Europe, and to the first and early Euro settlers in Virginia. So we are cousins criss crossing.

Donna Baize said...

And it Henry VIII Who is suppose to be father of John Perot.

Unknown said...

Would you mind disclosing your haplogroup, Dale ?