Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Question from djelliott - Tudor Rose needlepoint designs

I am looking for a needlepoint-appropriate Tudor Rose design. Anyone seen one? Is there any 'right' or 'wrong' color scheme? I've seen one design on the net that shows a narrow red edge and pink (?).


Lara said...

I have one from "Cross Stitch Gallery" magazine (sorry, I don't have the exact issue number handy) that was in whole stitches, so it could be adapated to needlepoint, although it might not be big enough depending on what you wanted to do with it.

As for the colors, it is usually a red rose with a white rose inside, and sometimes with another layer of red and/or white (like the logo on the blog). I have also seen it with a white rose on the outside and the red petals inside, although that it far more rare.

The Textile Heritage company has a nice range of designs with a Tudor rose you can see here:
(I'm currently stitching the coaster one!) and it is just a red set of petals on the outside with a white set inside, but with some shading to make the petals looked 'curved' and 3-d.

Being a stitcher myself, I'd love to see what anyone else digs up!

Anonymous said...

As far as it goes as a piece of heraldry, whether or not the red goes inside or outside has to do with the background its on.