Monday, January 29, 2007

Question from Nancie - More on Sir Francis Bryan

I am seeking information about the family line of Sir Francis Bryan. I am from his line. Is there a definitive published line? Where may I see the line? Also, is there a connection to Sir Guy de Bryan buried in Tewksbury Abbey? He fought in the Seige of Calais and lived in mid 1300's.

Thank you,
Nancie Cole Sutter


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the website The creator of the site is an Argentinian gentleman who is quite diligent in putting genealogies of Tudor-era figures online. He does have an entry for Sir Francis Bryan, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland in the mid-16th century. The entry covers only Bryan and his two children, but has an extensive biographical note with it. I have found his genalogies generally quite reliable. Perhaps you might contact him directly through his site for suggestions on how to pursue your research.

Anonymous said...

I am a direct descendent of Sir Francis Bryan. He has an amazing history and there have been books written about him. I have seen them on amazon. Guy de Bryan is Sir Frances Bryans great great great great grandfather. They are directly connected. has our lineage that goes beyond his to his predecessors. I am sure their are others. Good Luck. You come from a great family. You can e-mail me at anytime if you need more info.

Anonymous said...

try the book called the spear and the spindle . you can find copies on amazon

embry said...

Hi my surname is Bryan and I was wondering if I could in anyway be related to sir francis Bryan..Does anyone know how I could find out?

Lara said...

Probably the best way is to just start tracing your own family tree as best you can. Be sure to look at all the siblings of your direct ancestors and the siblings' children as well, since it is possible there are interesting relationships on those collateral lines.
And be prepared to get totally addicted to genealogy!

Lara said...

This comment was left on the main blog, but I think the poster meant to put it here:

From: Margaret Janet Logan (

There were questions about descendants of Sir Francis Bryan.
I am a direct descendant of Sir Francis Bryan 1490 – 1550. Sir Francis Bryan II (Prince Bryan) was born 1549; and was deported with his family to Virginia by Cromwell during the Puritan Revolution. He died in Gloucester, Hampshire, VA in 1640. His son, William Smith Bryan was born 1600 in Ireland and died in Gloucester, VA, in 1667; John Bryan was born 1626 in Ireland and died 1687 in Norfolk, VA; William Bryan (Marquis of Thomond) was born 1655 in Ireland and died 1742 in Pasquotank, NC; Needham Bryan was born 1690 in Isle of Wight, VA and died 1770 in Snowfield, Bertie, NC; Gen. William Benjamin Bryan was born 1724 in Snowfield, Bertie, NC and died 1780 in Smithfield, Johnston, NC; William Bryan was born 1747 in Johnston, Bertie, NC and died 1800 in Snowfield, Bertie, NC; William Bryan, Jr., was born 1781 in Bertie, NC and died 1842 in Russellville, Pope, Arkansas; Ellyn Patrick Bryan was born 1809 in NC and died 1870 in Dallas, TX; William Gaston Bryan was born 1834 in Hardeman, TN and died 1920 in Farmers Branch, Dallas, TX; and my grandfather, Elwyn Patrick Bryan was born 1874 in Douglasville, Cass County, TX and died in 1963 in Dallas, TX. I would be glad to help with ancestry information.