Monday, December 11, 2006

Question from Matt - Tudor family life

What was family life like for tudor citizens?
I am 13 and i'm level 6.


Unknown said...

Could you be more specific? Do you mean how was family life for the nobility or for common people? Either way, I'm sure the father was the undisputed head of the household. In noble households, I don't think children spent much time with their parents - boys were raised to succeed their fathers in the running of the estates, and girls were raised to make good marriages.

Charity said...

Well, i mean what was life like for nobel families in the holiday season and indeed always.
The queen is said to have wanted her courtiers around most of the time during the twelve days of christmas and in the article i read it said that Tudor nobel women must've been pretty cold around those times.
This led me to wonder if indeed their wives were not at court with them in such times?
Surely the courties would be allowed to bring theird wives with celebrations?