Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Question from Olivia - Anne Boleyn's beliefs

Hey im doing a webpage on Anne Boleyn. Im in year 8 and i need to know what her set of beliefs were that halped her dictate choises!

Many Thanks

Olivia Clark


Anonymous said...

Hey Olivia; there's a very good article on Anne Boleyn on the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Just go to www.wikipedia.org and have a look at it (it's a bit long, but very good.) Personally, I think Anne Boleyn was very ambitious but also very religious and these two attitudes helped shape her choices - she believed passionately in God and the rules of Christianity (i.e. not sleeping with anyone before marriage and not committing adultery) but she was also determined to have a lot of power for herself and become the best she could be (i.e. getting rid of Cardinal Wolsey & Katherine of Aragon and becoming queen of England herself.) I hope this helps.


Anonymous said...
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cheesey feet said...

she was catholic