Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Question from David - Elizabeth's references to her mother

I know that Elizabeth rarely ever spoke of her mother or her mother's death, but were there any incidents recorded in history where we see bess refering to her mother?

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During the reign of her sister, Mary, she told the Venetian ambassador that she knew her mother would never have slept with her father before going through a wedding ceremony with him. There was also a specific mention of Anne in letters to Elizabeth from the Protestant theologian, Alexander Aless, and James VI, King of Scots. A statue of Anne was also included in Elizabeth's coronation procession in January 1559. She appointed her mother's favourite chaplain, Father Matthew Parker, as her first archbishop of Canterbury and Parker said that if he had not felt such loyalty for Elizabeth's mother he would never have taken the job. She apparently made a very cryptic comment about her mother's fate when she told the earl of Somerset that she could never marry, but this has never been verified. Finally, she wore a secret ring which bore her mother's hidden portrait until the end of her life.