Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Question from Louise - Children of Elizabeth I ?

For my second year at a level history i am ivestigating the possibility that elizabeth 1st did actually have children. would be grateful if anyone had any info or know where i could find some thanks


Anonymous said...

There is absolutely no evidence Elizabeth Tudor ever had children - unsurprising in a 'Virgin Queen'.

Rumors to the contrary invariable stem from her enemies and people distant from the court who were in no position to know.

Given the fact that Elizabeth was under surveillance by her attendants, ministers and courtiers every minute of every day it is quite literally impossible she could have successfully concealed a pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

I think that it's worth looking at. I agree that there's little or no evidence that Elizabeth had children. I think the only suggestion that she may have had children is the fact that she was, probably, a sexually active adult female, at least some of the time.

Still, if you can look at the relevant evidence and come up with a conclusion that makes sense, then you should get good grades:-) Unfortunately, I don't think that conclusion would be that she had any children, but if you can argue the opposite effectively i would be impressed.

Anonymous said...

It is possible that she had children which where hidden and adopted by nobles. As a "virgin queen" to uphold her reputation and keep her throne no record would be left of the bastard child she gave birth to. As a queen you can conseal many things that is why you have trusted advisors.

Anonymous said...

Although year 1561 does come to mind, when Her Majesty was in bed for 2 months with "dropsy" (i.e.edema)and the year in which certain of her Ladies in Waiting feigned pregnancy. In this year, her "favorite godson," Sir John IV Harrington was born upon whom she doted. His "father," Sir John III, had already been married to Elizabeth's not so secret half-sister, Etheldreda Dingley Malte, and could be trusted with confidence. Later, the wife of her "favorite godson," Lady Harrington (Mary Rogers) is known to have been the recipient of many sumptuous garments from Her Majesty. Could be a coincidence, but the year 1561 should be examined.

KAZ said...

It's absolutely, adorably naïve that people think it "impossible" that the Queen of England could conceal pregnancy with the help of the staff who were under her own command. That her "sheets" couldn't be faked, those who surveyed her ordered to silence, and so on. Surely a few would indeed have terrible consequence that would have been quite effective and silencing them and those they talked to.

Elizabeth had Robert Dudley's bedchamber moved by her own apartments in 1559. A couple of years later, after Dudley's wife died suddenly amidst a cacophony of questions, Elizabeth was taken ill, bedridden with a mysteriously swollen body. 26 years later a man claiming to be Arthur Dudley, the queen's son, was taken to the courts of Spain, his story documented in great detail.

That story, of course, involved the smuggling of a baby out of the palace, to be raised by parents, with the tale of Arthur's royal birth being told to him by his adoptive father on the man's death bed.