Monday, June 19, 2006

Question from Jessica - German forces at the Battle of Stoke


I am doing some reenctment here in Germany together with my friend. We
are now planning to establish a second role and are therefore very
interested in the German contingent at the battle of Stoke.
Unfortunately, the War of Roses does not seem to be of that interest
here in Germany , so we can only find superficial information about that

I'd really apreciate if you could give us some information about Martin
Schwarz (often written as Swartz) and his German mercenaries or hints
where I should address to or good book recommendations.

kind regards


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Anonymous said...

The only book I can think of his 'Stoke Field' by David Baldwin. He recently wrote a very good biography of Edward IV and is also an expert on Edward's wife, Elizabeth, and the wars of the roses. This book is an account of the battle of Stoke. Good luck!