Saturday, November 19, 2005

Question from Emily - Quotes from the Tudors

Do you know of any good sites that I could get quotes for the Tudor Monarchs and the 6 wives of Henry VIII? Thanks =).


Lara said...

I don't know about sites for all of those folks, but one of the best places to get quotes are to try to find books with letters to and from the Tudors. I have an older book called "Rivals in Power", which was edited by David Starkey and it contains excerpts from letters. Also, if you can find "The Chronicles of the Tudor Kings", edited by David Loades, you will find excepts from contemporary chroniclers about Henry et. al., and some of their own writings, if I recall.

Anonymous said...

i also have aonother david starkey site. visit the one of his dvd "the six wives of henry VIii" there he has quotes from all of his wives.

Anonymous said...

anne boleyn was known for her poems. "oh death rock me asleep"