Monday, August 12, 2013

Question from Tim - Catherine Middleton possible descent from Edward IV

I read that Kate Middleton may have been descended from an aunt of Henry VIII - an illegitimate daughter of Edward IV. Do you think this is true?

[Here's a previous thread on Catherine Middleton's ancestry, although I didn't see any information on this particular relation. - Lara]


kate said...

The British do get a little fidgety about the commoners marrying royality don't they? It would be so convient if Kate had some royal blood somewhere and I'm sure if they look hard enough she does..if you know what I mean. A little infusion of "common" blood might be a good ting for the royals every now and then as there has been so much consaguinity in past history Pope's dispensations and all. Lady Diana did discended from Maria de Slinas, Catherine of Aragons primary lady in waiting through her marraige to an English nobleman but alas poor Kate remains just a common girl, although if you ask me she's pretty extraordinary

Courtney J. Hall said...

I have read that some person or people have traced the duchess' lineage back to Mary Boleyn Carey, through her daughter Katherine. One source of this idea:

Now if you want to get creative, imagine if Katherine Carey really was the daughter of Henry VIII (not that I necessarily believe it, but some people do). So the duchess would be descended from Henry VIII, while William is descended from his sister Margaret. Both descended from the first Tudor king. I don't know about anyone else but I find that idea really cool, even if it's not true.

Anonymous said...

The Duchess can trace her lineage back to Mary Boleyn like Courtney J. Hall said. I personally dont believe that her two children a the King's, i think they actually her husband's. William Carey had royal blood (being a relative of the King) and so did Mary Boleyn. Mary could trace her lineage back to Henry II, Edward II, Edward III, etc. So Kate Middleton does have royal blood, even if it is very diluted. BTW Prince William is also a descendent of Mary Boleyn through both Diana and Elizabeth II. So even without Henry VIII, they are related to a degree.

Anonymous said...

Several pages have been over this. Kate does not descend from Mary Boleyn. And getting your info from a site like is not the best source.