Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Question from Steve - Tudor roofing

Thanks for this opportunity.

I am trying to create a truly realistic Tudor house.
I have researched all I can, but there is one thing I cant find.

On Tudor house roof design, did they use 'V' shaped ridge tiles, or strips of lead ???

Thatched roofing is no issue, as the material did the task, but roofs made from slate or stone ???
Also, if the house was grand enough, and they used tiles, were they shaped, or simply rectangular ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Steve (Sorry, too old to be a student.....)


Ladyhoby said...

hi Steve a book you may wish to get is tudor houses explained by Trevor Yorke there web is www.countrysidebooks.co.uk
it explains about the 4 different posts that holds the roof up and the three different roofs
also the material used for each one

its a nice little book, one of these days i will read it along with the many otheres that i come across on my travels and buy

if you have problems finding it let me know and i will write it down

Lara Eakins said...

I'll second Ladyhoby's recommendation of "Tudor Houses Explained" - it's a small book but it is full of interesting information.

One thing to keep in mind is that some of the materials will in part be dependent on what was locally available (unless they were wealthy enough to import things from other areas). Thatch appears to be the most common but there seems to be a quite a variety of other materials - wooden shingles, clay tiles, stone (slate), and lead. Most seem to be at a pretty steep pitch, except the lead.