Friday, May 12, 2006

Question from Micaela - Elizabeth I and Katherine Howard

i'm wondering if Elizabeth I knew that she was related to Katherine Howard, seeing as her mother Anne Boylen and Katherine Howard were first cousins so what that make Elizabeth I and Katherine Howard? Also some resources spell the names of all the Katherines as Catherine not Katherine,so I'm wondering which is the correct spelling? I'm a fifteen year old girl and am a history buff, I especially like learning about the Tudors and Stuart familes as those families represent my mother's family's native countries (I'm Canadian). I'm not doing a project for school -I'm in grade 8- but one of the sections of my Social Studies course has a lesson on the Tudors, so this might help a little with school if ever I decide to do a project on the Tudors!

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Anonymous said...

Anne Boleyn & Kathryn Howard were first cousins, grandchildren of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk and his first wife Elizabeth Tilney. When Elizabeth died Howard married her kinswoman Agnes Tilney who is sometimes said, incorrectly, to be the grandmother of the unfortunate girls. It was while teenager Kathryn was living in the Lambeth household of her step-grandmother that she became involved with a number of unsuitable men, including her music teacher, before she caught the eye of the king.
There is an image of Elizabeth Tilney on my company website at; she is the duchess on the right of the picture.
Kathryn Howard would sometimes spell her name with a 'y' and I use this spelling in my books to distinguish her from the other queens of the same name.
Good luck with your studies.