Friday, November 19, 2010

Question from Tracey - Marriages at Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey...can 'regular folk' be married there? I can't see the entire structure being closed to the public unless a Royal Wedding takes place inside...but perhaps a private ceremony in a side chapel?


  1. I don't think so. If they do, they don't advertise it on their website so it much be very restricted. These are the venues the official website says are available for bookings but it sounds like they are only for receptions, not a ceremony:

  2. To quote the FAQ: "The only people that can be married in Westminster Abbey are members of the Royal Family, Order of the Bath members and their children, and anyone living in the Abbey's Precincts."

    Abbey precincts people are mostly clergy, important staff and musicians.

  3. If I may add one belated comment to this thread: Westminster Abbey is a "royal peculiar," or a church under the direct authority of the monarch herself, rather than the authority of Anglican Church officials such as the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Bishop of London. As such, use of the church for baptisms, weddings, funerals and burials all require the express permission of the monarch ... who generally reserves the church exactly as Declarejenos noted.


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