Friday, November 19, 2010

Question from Patricia - Sir Thomas Stewkley

what i would really like is as much information
on henry the viii children who were born out
of wedlock. i would like the information
on sir thomas stewkely of affeton. i want to
know who his real parents were and his children
and his grandchlidren. was sir thomas stekley
the child of henry the viii.

thank you patricia


  1. Stukley (various spellings) is covered pretty well by wikipedia:

    Inconvenient issue of the royal loins. If it's true.

  2. You mean Stukley? There's no way to know for sure whether he was the son of Henry VIII - it's just one of those things we'll probably never know. There is only one known illegitimate child of Henry VIII and that was Henry Fitzroy. Even Mary Boleyn's son, Henry Carey, is disputed.

    Stukley's wikipedia page suggests the following reading though:

    -Sir Thomas Stucley, c. 1525-1578: Traitor extraordinary by John Izon (1956)
    -The Mistresses of Henry VIII by Kelly Hart (2009)
    -The Stukeley Plays: 'The Battle of Alcazar' by George Peele and 'The Famous History of the Life and Death of Captain Thomas Stukeley' by Charles Edelman

    Sounds like the Kelly Hart book will most likely be the one to assess whether the rumors of his parentage were true. It's probably the easiest to find too, you can grab it off Amazon for $18.01 - a little pricey but it gets good reviews.


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