Sunday, November 21, 2010

Question from Emma - Channel 5 program on the Death of Amy Robsart Dudley

Hi Lara and everyone

Did any one else catch the UK channel 5 programme last night on Elizabeth and Dudley and who killed his wife? I must admit when they came to the conclusion that it could have been Cecil, I nearly fell off my chair,he was the last man on my mined.

I would love to hear what you all thought about it


  1. Didn't see the show.

    Don't know much about Robsart's death - does anyone? - but it holds a strong attraction for conspiracy theorists.

    Funny how UK screen versions of history show Cecil as a fool or villain. I reckon alot of it is down to his comment, "All this for a song!" when the queen gave Spenser a small fortune for the Faerie Queene.

    Arty types can hold a grudge for centuries, so long as someone else is paying for it.

  2. not sure if you can get our reruns but this is its web address

    me neither that's why i watched the program apart from she died and Dudley was suspected but never proved

  3. I thought the BBC's Elizabeth R (with Glenda Jackson) treats Cecil pretty evenly. Though, I am making this comment midway through watching.


  4. Amy Robsart had breast cancer, was at the time of her death confined to her bed. All her servant had gone off to a fair, leaving her alone in the house. It would suggest that she gave permission as otherwise she would not have been left totally alone, this lends itself to the thought that she was in so much pain that she threw herself down the stairs and broke her neck in the fall thereby killing herself, however forensic evidence suggests that she got out of bed,made it to the landing and suffered a spontaneous fracture of the femur, due to mets to the bone, this caused her to collapse, falling down the stairs and breaking her neck, accidentally. Her husband Robert was cleared of any involkvement in her death by an independent tribunal, he was away from home at the time, most likely at court, but Elizabeth sent him from court until the issue was resolved as many people thought he had something to do with her demise as her death would allow him to marry again and many people thought he would attempt to marry Elizabeth. Regardless of his aquittal, the manner of his wife's death put an end to any hjopes he may have had as regards marrying Elizabeth


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