Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Question from Orla - Close friends of Margaret Beaufort


Just wondering if Margaret Beaufort had any notable close friends? (asides from her son)


  1. Margaret's biographers Jones and Underwood note that she was close to Cecily of York, Elizabeth of York's younger sister; she intervened on her behalf when Cecily married without royal license, reserved a chamber at Croydon for Cecily's use, and paid some of her funeral expenses. Jones and Underwood write that Margaret also appears to have been close to Anne, Lady Powis, who had her own chamber at Collyweston. Of course, she also had women attending on her and must have formed close relationships with some of them as well. Jones and Underwood detail a number of her relationships with family members, members of her household, and with other nobles.

  2. As a follow up question, what was her relationship like with her grandchildren?


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