Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Question from Cara - Westhorpe Hall

Does Westhorpe Hall, where Mary Rose Tudor and the Duke of Suffolk lived, still exist?


  1. Westhorpe Hall is no longer standing. Here's a link to some information on an archeological study at the site, found on a Google search:

    Henry VIII's sister was Mary, not Mary Rose, Tudor. The Mary Rose was Henry's warship that sank in 1545. I have read two theories as to how it was named.

    1)The ship was named for this Mary Tudor, and for the Tudor rose.

    2)Some historians believe it was instead named for the Virgin Mary, who is associated with the mystic rose. There is a discussion of this theory in the Wikipedia entry on The Mary Rose.

  2. The grand Westhorpe Hall built by Charles Brandon was demolished in 1750. Another smaller hall was built soon after and still stands on the site. It is now a residential care home. The original Tudor three arched bridge is still standing and there are some of the original footings and walls visible in the moat. The best description of the history of Westhorpe Hall is on -


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