Saturday, January 09, 2010

Question from Laurel - Greenwich Palace and Edward VI's burial

I am starting a Tudor novel, obviously historical fiction, centered around Edward VI. The floor plan of Old Greenwich Place is vital, especially the room where Edward died, & that room's access to the paddock. Is it true OGP has been demolished??? I was hoping to visit one day. I live in Ann Arbor MI, USA, & travel won't happen soon. Also, cannot afford the highly recommended books--but I've been wanting to write this novel forever. So is there anyway I can get the floor plan for free or at a discount; WAS the old place demolished; also, just exactly where is Edward interred? With his grandfather in Westminster Abbey? (I have a twist on what happened after he died, possibly a true story.)

Thanks to anyone who can help me.

Not a school project. I'm 58 & curious.

[Previous thread on Edward VI's burial linked below. - Lara]


  1. Yes, it's true, most of Greenwich Palace is gone, although there are a few bits that survive and the remains of the chapel built by Henry VII were discovered a few years back too.

    Here are a couple of articles that I posted about the chapel floor discovery:

    Simon Thurley's book "The Royal Palace of Tudor England" is a great resource, so if you can't buy it I would suggest trying to find it at a library. If none of your local libraries have it, they may be able to get it for you through inter-library loan.

    Good luck!

  2. There are no remains above ground - the Tudor palace was demolished early in the seventeenth century.
    You might contact English Heritage and the Museum of London for assistance with plans.

    Edward VI is buried close to, but not with, Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.


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