Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Question from Orange Blossom - Queen's Lodgings in the Tower

I am doing some hobby research on the Queen's Lodgings during Anne Boleyn's coronation (now domolished). I have searched this blog which has been very helpful!

Some questions I haven't been able to answer are listed below and any help or references would be very much appreciated.

1. The Queen's Lodgings ran the length from the Wardrobe Tower (next to the White Tower) to Lanthorn tower. Would there be access from the White Tower into the Queen's Lodgings (e.g., were the buildings all connected)? Could people walk through?

2. Does anyone know what would have been standard practice for nobility entering the Queen's Lodgings when the royals were in residence (e.g., during Anne's coronation)? Could they enter Coldharbour gate and walk freely to their destination?

I know these are quite specific questions, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


  1. I don't know if theese rooms are connected as I have never been to the Tower of London.
    But as for your other question anybody who accessed the queens lodgings at the Tower would have had to have permission first before he or she gained access.When the queen was living at her residence in the palace anyone who wanted entry to the queens apartments would have needed an invitation to enter.the only people who would have had permission to enter theese rooms would have been this being at the palace the cheif minister,ministers,maids,ladies in waiting,the queens familly and most important of all the king.
    Being at the Tower it would have been the queens jailor,the archbishop and a few maids.

  2. If you search around on youtube there is a video on there on the curatorial team of the Tower recreating a 3D image of these lodgings which may answer part of your question. I haven't got time to find it now sorry but if you search for Queen Anne Boleyn Coronation Tower of london, amongst lots of films clips and rubbish there will be the documentary, which is very informative.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Looking at the 1597 Tower of London survey map, it looks like the easiest way to the royal apartments was in through Coldharbour Gate, and across the lawn in front of the building marked 'Jewel House'.

    As to whether the royal lodgings were connected to the White Tower through inner passageways is anyone's guess I suppose.


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