Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Permanent links for posts

I put this in a comment to another thread, but I thought I would also put it in a post to make sure people saw it. If you are interested in following one thread in particular, such as the live blog of the new Henry VIII book, you might want bookmark that individual post so you can easily come back to it. To get to the post's permanent link, click on the time below the post title. That should take you to the page for just that post, which you can then bookmark. This is helpful for something like the book thread that you might want to check back on frequently.

Here's the direct link to that thread, BTW:

You can also subscribe to the comments feed (if you are familiar with using RSS) but you will get all of the comments, not just the ones to an individual post. (When I get a chance, I'll look in to altering the settings to see if I can give you all some more options.)

Also, I apologize for the onslaught of posts yesterday and today, but we've just had lots of questions coming in all of a sudden!


  1. hello,
    sorry if my massage doesn´t belong here but i really need some help. for my bachelor theses I´ve got to write about use of english language in Tudor times.HOw it was at schools, in the offices,.. and also how did the language change since then. I come from slovakia and here I can´t find any books at all. Could you recomend me some literature please which I could order from abroad,please. thanks

  2. This really should have been submitted as a question instead of put in a comment since it isn't as likely that someone will see it here. I'll make a post of it in a moment and hopefully there will be some useful comments.


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