Monday, December 05, 2005

Question from Rebecca - Mary and the Church

what were the reasons that mary changed the church ?


  1. "Bloody Mary" Tudor brought the English church back to the auspices of The Pope as she was born and raised a Catholic.

    After her father and Cromwell brought about The Reformation, Mary suffered greatly for her religion. Although she did eventually bend to her father's wishes for her own safety, upon his death she refused to be brow-beaten by her brother, Edward VI. Mary steadfastly, and very publicly, maintained her Catholic Faith.

    Once the crown of England was upon her head, her dearest wish was to turn around The Reformation and bring the church back to Rome. This was accomplished, but at great cost to Mary's reputation and the feelings of love her subjects felt for her at her accession quickly turned to hatred and fear.

  2. In short, Mary changed England's state religion to Catholicism because she had a genuine conviction that Catholicism was the one, true religion. And with the counseling of her staunch advisors (some of which were more concerned about gaining power and security), she became ruthless.


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