Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Question from Jessica - Why are/were the Tudors so popular

I have to do a project on the popularity of the Tudors.

What are some reasons that they were so popular?

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  1. Popular, as in during the time they lived? Or popular in as far as how they are a favorite nowadays for fictional and historical writers?

    Their life stories make for popular reading for this day in age. A monarch having the power to change the religion of a country (not to mention a wow of a personal life), a young boy king who tried to change the succession but died too young, a queen who failed miserably to get back to the days of her childhood and it didn't matter how many folks burned at the stake for her ideal, and the last Tudor who was probably the best monarch in England of all. Who needs to make up their life stories when the incredible incidents are true?

    Popular in their day...that would depend on which side of the religious fence you sat upon. Henry tossed Catholics and Protestants hither and yon. It wasn't good to be a Catholic during Edward's reign, altho that was the religion to favor during the England of Mary I. On the flip side of that coin...Protestant for Elizabeth.

  2. They changed the religion of a powerful nation and they have become popular because of the rich story of their lives.

  3. They started the exploring craze!