Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Question from William - Views on suicide in Tudor times

*Trigger warning* I wanted to be courteous enough to put that there because I want to ask about the sensitive topic of suicide. How was killing onesself viewed back then? Did they consider it a sin? Did they believe the person who killed themselves would not be allowed to enter Heaven, or was this just simply a subject that no one ever talked about or had any modern day concept of? Answers please, William.


  1. A simple Google search using the keywords "suicide" and "history" would have provided you with the answer. Did you try that first? The second item on the results list when I search that way is a Wikipedia article on the history of suicide and society's response to those who attempt or succeed in committing suicide. I recommend giving that a try.

  2. Thanks PhD Historian. Sorry, I didn’t think about that. I became curious, because, since I was a teenager, I’ve struggled with depression and even suicidal ideation and thoughts. Even now as a 65 year old man, I still sometimes struggle when it comes to my mental health, and behavior.


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