Saturday, February 12, 2022

Question from ? - Jane Seymour's attending ladies

Do we know who Jane Seymour's ladies-in-waiting, maids-of-honour etc were?

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  1. It was more difficult than I thought to get a proper list, but I did get you some names.

    - Anne Bray, Lady Cobham (as lady in waiting)
    - Mary Arundel, Countess of Sussex (as maid of honour until her marriage to the Earl of Sussex, then lady in waiting)
    - Anne Parr, the sister of Katherine Parr (as maid of honour)
    - Margery Horsman (as maid of honour)
    - Anne Basset, daughter of Lord & Lady Lisle
    - Elizabeth Oxenbridge (became Lady Tyrwhitt only after Jane's death, so she probably served her as a maid of honour)
    - Mary Norris (daughter of Henry Norris, executed as one of Anne Boleyn's "lovers")
    - Jane Ashley (married name Mewtas), who seems to also have been in Prince Edward's household
    - Susanna Hornebolt (whose father and brother were among the King's painters and was herself a great artist but, being a woman, she was assigned in the Queen's household)

    Also, this link could be very useful as it's an alphabetical list of every-ish woman at the Tudor court (if you have the patience to check out every name one by one!):


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