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Question from Trish - Marie Paulet

I also wander how I could advertise my relative Marie Paulet marrying George southcombe in Satterliegh in 1574. I am also trying to find out about where she came from is to apply for her farther's will or buy a michofiche that I could find out about her birth. I think she was born in 1554. I think the man's name was Nicholas Paulet of Hinton Saint George, Somerset. He died in 1603. Her grandfather I think [was] Sir Hugh Poulet Governor of Jersey. [Post slightly edited for clarity - Lara]


  1. There was indeed a Nicholas Paulet (or Pawlett) from Hinton Saint George, Somerset, who died in 1603. I might have misunderstood your post but that man was not Mary Paulet's father but her husband. I found that he was married to a lady called Mary Pawlett/Paulet, born in Wiltshire. Date of birth is unclear, between 1531 and 1563 (your information of a birth in 1554 would then be correct).
    Mary Paulet was the daughter of Thomas & Edith Hungerford, which means her grandfather was Sir Anthony Hungerford (paternal). Couldn't find any information on her maternal grandfather.

    You mentionned a Sir Hugh Paulet, Governor of Jersey. He died in 1573 and came from Hinton Saint George in Somerset. He had five children by his first wife, including a son named Nicholas. It would be safe to assume that Nicholas is the one mentioned previously, and that this Nicholas ended up marrying Mary Hungerford, who became through marriage Mary Pawlett/Paulet/Poulet (depending on the spelling). Sir Hugh Paulet would then be Mary's father-in-law and not her grandfather.

    Now about a Mary Pawlett marrying a man named George Southcombe, I could not find anything to support that. But, considering Nicholas Paulet died in 1603 and that Mary Paulet outlived him (she died in 1620), she could have remarried (to George Southcombe).

    Hope I didn't get anything wrong and that it helps you x

  2. [Trish was having trouble posting her reply, so I'm posting it for her - Lara]

    to whom it may concern thank you for your message

    i have got a copy of Marie pawlets wedding to george southcombe satterligh

    in 1574. what iam trying to find out is who were marie or mary pawletss parents. it

    could be thomas paulet of cossington and mary more or Nichols who had married mary

    hungerford but with out a will or a baptism record i won't be able to tell but nichloas died

    in 1603 so i think he would be to young to have had marie also george had married

    another pawlet lady her name was jane. and i think it was burkes commeners that had said

    she was the daughter of lord basing. so what i am going to do is try and work

    out the ages of there children see if i can do it this way. any suggestions

    thanks trish

  3. [Trish is still having troubles posting so I'm posting this reply too. - Lara]

    his will or her birth

    1. From: Edward Kite, The Monumental Brasses of Wiltshire (1860, reprinted 1969), page 84.
    'Nicholas Poulett, of Minety, was a second son of Sir Hugh Poulett, of Hinton St George, co. Somerset, and brother of Sir Amyas, of Hinton, privy councillor to Queen Elizabeth. The second daughter, Mary, was afterwards married to Henry Long, of Ashley, Wilts'.

    2. From: Cecil T Davis, The Monumental Brasses of Gloucestershire (1899, reprinted 1969), pp. 194-5,
    [Their son] 'Amyas, of Thornbury, who married Christian, daughter of ...... Purnell, of Wooton. They had one son, William, "4 yere old, 1623

  4. to whom it may concern

    i have actually found out that nicloas paulet was not marei paulet farther

    coulod anyone help me with this like a will or her birth thnask trish


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