Saturday, December 03, 2016

Question from Tonya - Margaret Tudor

I'm the 15th great granddaughter of Margaret Tudor Queen of Scotland and located in Tennessee, USA. I'm curious about information in regards to her as I have not been able to find much and also would love to hear about others that fit into my family through Margaret or Mary of Scots.


  1. There are a number of biographies of Margaret.
    Patricia Buchanan: "Margaret Tudor - Queen of Scots" (1980s)
    Maria Perry: "The Sisters of Henry VIII" (1990s)
    and I've seen a new one but cannot remember the author's name, sorry: "Queen Margaret Tudor"

  2. I just saw on B & N that Alison Weir has book on Queen Margaret as well that is more recent. I haven't read it however.

  3. FWIW, Alison Weir's book isn't on Henry VIII's sister Margaret, but about her daughter, Lady Margaret Douglas.


  4. There is a book by Phillipa Gregory based around Margaret her sister Mary and Katherine of Aragon it's not total fact but maybe able to shed some light on her story it's called 'three sisters,three queens. I have nearly finished it and found it so interesting to learn about the more not so historically noticed Tudor royalty.

  5. My book 'Tudor: Passion, Manipulation, Murder, the story of England's most notorious royal family,' has chapters about Margaret Tudor that you might enjoy


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