Monday, May 12, 2014

Question from Nyele - Kat Ashley and Thomas Seymour

Was Kat Ashley in love whit Thomas Seymour? You can read on wikipedia:

One must understand that the deposition of Kat Ashley, which incorporates the queen joining her husband in his escapades, was given after Ashley was arrested, put in the Tower, and threatened to be tortured unless she confessed what she knew about Seymour and Elizabeth's relationship.At the time of the deposition, Catherine had died and Seymour had been arrested for another attempt at marrying Lady Elizabeth. It must be mentioned though, that throughout her time at Chelsea, Ashley developed a crush on Seymour and actually encouraged her charge to "play along." At one point she even made a comment of how lucky Elizabeth would have been to have a husband like Seymour.'

It quotes David Starkey, but I can't find more information than this.

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  1. I just looked at the Wikipedia article. The implication that Kat Ashley had a crush on Seymour uses Porter as a source not Starkey. Starkey is used as the source for the queen holding the princess while Seymour slashed her gown. Unfortunately, there are no page numbers to precisely locate the idea within Porter's book and look for a source. But, I would be tempted to call this conjecture of emotional attachment between Ashley and Seymour as speculative.


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