Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Question from C. Codner - Source for Henry VIII's divorce request and the original papal bull for marriage

I am studying/ working to be a religious scholar at The New School, and at the moment I am researching for primary sources dealing with sex, marriage, and religion. I am specifically looking for the letter sent by Henry VIII with all the reasons why he should be able to divorce Catherine of Aragon.

Another primary source I am looking for is the papal bull that allowed Henry to marry Catherine in the first place. I have looked through source books, and tried to track down specific documents on the internet/sifted through bibliographies that may piece together the trail to finding these, and similar texts.

If you have a name of a source book, a scholar, or anything, I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you.
C. Codner

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  1. Most likely this information would be stored in the papal archives which means a trip to Rome and Vatican City once you obtain permission to view them and that's a whole issue in itself, you might also check the corespondence of the Spanish ambassadors to England at that time. Eustus Chaypuys was anbassador around that time and he was a meticulous record keeper You may get some leads by. reviewing his papers Best of luck to you


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