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Question from Denise - Marriage of Anne Knollys and Thomas Temple

Thomas Temple son of Sir William Temple provost Trinity College married Anne Knollys daughter of Sir Francis Knollys the younger. I cannot find their marriage or birth of any children ESP their daughters Laetitia and Francis. He was a Minister in Ireland then Battersea London. Can any one help?


  1. Hi - There seems to be some confusion about Anne's spouse which would explain the trouble you are having. Or perhaps the Annes are confused.

    Anne Knollys, daughter of Sir Francis Knollys and Catherine Carey Knollys was born 19 July 1555 and died in 1608. She married Thomas West, 2nd Baron De La Warre on 19 November 1571. Both the bride and groom were 16 years old. The queen was likely in attendance.When Anne's mother died, Elizabeth I added Anne to the paid staff although she had already been at court as a maid of the chamber for two years previous, and gave her, oddly several pairs of shoes.

    The couple had 11 children live to maturity. In 1587 Thomas became a Knight of the Garter. Previously he had served as a member of Parliament, sherriff, justice of the peace and several other posts. In 1590 Thomas became Chamberlain of the Exchequer. Anne continued to serve at court.

    Two of the West sons served as governors on New World colonies and the state of Delaware is named after them.

  2. Apologies for the second post but realized I did not include information about the two children.

    Thomas West 2nd Baron De La Warre
    Birth: 1555, Wherwell, Hampshire
    Death: 24 Mar 16021
    Father: William West Baron De La Warre (?1520-1595)
    Mother: Elizabeth Strange West Baroness De La Warre

    Spouse: Anne Knollys West Baroness De La Warre
    Birth: 19 Jul 15552,3
    Death: 1608
    Father: Sir Francis Knollys (1511-1596)
    Mother: Katherine Carey Knollys Lady Knollys (1524-1569)
    Marriage: 19 Nov 15714

    Children: Walsingham (Died as Child) (?1570-)
    Elizabeth (?1573-1632) married Sir Herbert Pelham on 12 Feb 1593)
    Robert (1574-1594) married Elizabeth Cocke West in 1592
    Thomas 3rd Baron De La Warre (1577-1618) married Cecily Shirley on 25 Nov 1602
    Anne (1581-) married John Pellet Esq
    Penelope (1582-1619) married Herbert Pelham Esq 1599 (possible confusion here with her sister Elizabeth. Nine children recorded from this marriage)
    Catherine (1583-) married Nickolas Strelby?
    Francis (1586-1634) married Lady Margaret Reeves?
    Helena (1587-)married William Savage
    Lettice (?1590-)
    John (1590-1659) married Anne Clairborne
    Nathaniel (1592-1623) married Frances Greville

    Hope that helps.

  3. Thanks Kb but you have the wrong Anne knollys.I am searching Anne daughter of Sir Francis Knollys (son of Sir Francis and Catherine Carey). He married Lettice Barrett and had 3 sons and 4 daughters. Anne,Elozabeth,lettice(or Letiitia) and Frances who died young. And sons William Francis and can,t remember if it was Robert.Two died and Francis was the heir.Anyway My Anne married Thomas Temple son of Sir William Temple and brother of Sir John Temple.And they are the ones I am researching with some difficultly thanks

  4. Ahhh... My mistake! I overlooked 'the younger' bit in your initial query.
    Unfortunately I don't have anything to add to your research. So sorry.


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